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Breaking news!

At last, another safe and simple way to top up MCash is finally available.
From today onwards, you can visit any of e-pay retail outlets nationwide at all times and purchase MCash in a complete denominations; RM10, RM30, RM50, RM150 and RM200.
Yes, we extend our networks to offer you convenience to save, shop and get rewarded at MRuncit.com.
It's so easy to top-up MCash with e-pay.

Top Up via EPay | MRuncit.com

How it works:

  1. 1. Walk-in to any e-pay outlets.
  2. 2. Choose the amount you want to deposit on MCash and you will receive a printed voucher contains PIN and serial number.
  3. 3.IMPORTANT! for FIRST TIME CUSTOMER, you need to create an account with (1) MRUNCIT by click here. (2) MCASH by click here.
  4. 4.. Visit login page and login to your MRuncit account.
  5. 5. Once you logged in, go to www.mruncit.com/mcash
  6. 6. Key-in the PIN and Serial Number as stated on the printed voucher on the required fields.

    EPay Receipt | MRuncit.com

  7. 7. At the MCash Email column, please enter the email that you use at MCASH website.
  8. 8. The MCash amount will be deposited automatically to your MRuncit account.

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