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What is MReward|MRuncit.com

Shop, Save and Get Rewarded! That's MRuncit's tagline and we make sure you are being rewarded whenever you shop at MRuncit.com.

Earn MReward points for every purchase you made and accumulate your MReward points to redeem free gifts from our redemption store here.


You will earn 650 MReward points with purchase of Avantree Jogger Bluetooth Headset. With 650 MReward points available, you get to redeem RM5 worth of free airtime right after the purchase!

What is MReward|MRuncit.com

*Depends on stock availability

*MRuncit reserves the rights to remove or make changes to the redemption store products without further notice.

More about MReward Points
  • 100 MReward points is equivalent to RM1
  • Shop with MCash - MRuncit's currency to earn more MReward points. Find out more about MCash here.
  • You are entitled to earn 5 points up to 1,000 MReward points for every purchase.
  • MRewards are redeemable for products available on "Redemption Store". Check it out here!
MReward Scheme
What is MReward|MRuncit.com