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Manual Fund Transfer – Online Bank-in/ ATM Cash Deposit*

*Not available for virtual products – e.g. airtime reload, game reload, idd reload

If you select "Manual Fund Transfer" as your payment method:

(i) Please transfer the total amount to any of the following bank accounts:

MRuncit Commerce Sdn Bhd

(ii) Online payment:
You can capture print screen (click Alt+ printscreen) your transaction record and fill in the payment form below.

(iii) Bank in/ATM Cash Deposit:
You can use your camera/ mobile camera to capture bank in slip clearly and fill in the payment form below.

(iv) Your order will be cancelled without further notice if the payment is not made within 3 days after placing your order online.

If you are unable to provide us the bank in slip/ transaction record, please call us at +603-78877745 (Mon-Fri, 930am-530pm) to inform us the payment details and your order number.

File extensions allowed: jpg, gif, png, pdf
File size limit: 500KB

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