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Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 These Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement for MRuncit made between the Customer and MRuncit Commerce Sdn Bhd (MCSB) (1011948-T).

1.2 By registering, accessing and using MRuncit, the Customer shall be subject to and hereby agrees to be bound by the provisions of the General Terms & Conditions (which includes terms and conditions for Website Use, Rules of Acceptable Use and Privacy Statement) and the terms and conditions of the Agreement for MRuncit, including without limitation as Members, which may be updated by MCSB from time to time. The current version of these terms and conditions can be viewed at http://www.mruncit.com

1.3 Unless otherwise herein defined, words and expressions used or referred to in this terms and conditions shall have the same meaning defined in the Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of the Agreement and these terms and conditions, the provisions of these terms and condition shall prevail.

1.4 In the event these Terms and Conditions or any aspect of the Website/Services is restricted, suspended or changed, we will provide you notice at least 21 days before the amendment comes into effect, by posting the amended Terms & conditions online at mruncit.com. However it is highly suggested for you to check the Terms and Conditions regularly for any changes occur.

2. Definitions

"Agreement" means these terms and conditions in respect of the MRuncit;

"Available Balance" means the balance or remaining MCash that the Customers can use at any given time, subject to limits herein imposed;

"Bank" means the authorized Bank participating in this MCash;

"Bank Account" means the Customer's account maintained by the Bank;

"Customer(s)" means subscriber(s) registered for the MRuncit, regardless as Value or Regular Member;

"Internet Payment Switching Gateway" means Mobile88 Sdn Bhd Company which operates as payment gateway to facilitate payment within MRuncit service.

"MCSB" refers to MRuncit Commerce Sdn Bhd (1011948-T );

"MCash" means the electronic equivalent of physical money which has the same par value within the System in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR);

"MCash account Limit" means the maximum amount of MCash that can be stored at a point in time;

"Merchant" means merchants, vendors, persons, corporations or entity registered with MCSB to provide products and/or services to the Customers;

"Mobile Phone" means any SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card enabled mobile device bearing the mobile phone number from which one can receive, access and use the product delivery code as well as the receipt;

"MRewards" means points awarded to the Customer for Top-Up MCash and product purchases provided by MCSB that is beneficial and eligible to be redeemed;

"MRuncit" means the site that offering products and services provided by MCSB;

"MRuncit Account" means a personal account created by the Customer in the System that is used to make transactions, regardless as being Regular or Value Member (as hereinafter defined);

"MSISDN" means Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network, which is the Mobile Phone number for which Customer has been applied;

"Password" means a code to be used jointly with Username for access to MRuncit through website http:www.MRuncit.com.;

"Regular Members" means the type of Customer defined by MRuncit whereby to make any purchase should go through the normal payment system platform commissioned by MCSB to facilitate the payment of products and services;

"Services" means MCash or any other service including but not limited to the System (as hereinafter defined) owned and used by MCSB for the purpose of the said Service, including but not limited to: Registration of MRuncit, MCash Top-Up service, Friend and Family service;

"SMS" means short messaging system where short text message sent to and from Mobile Phones in accordance with the prevailing standards prescribed;

"System" means the payment system platform commissioned by MCSB to facilitate the payment of goods, products and services;

"TAC Code" means the six digits authorization code randomly delivered to the Customer (relating specifically to the MSISDN) as the confirmation PIN for purposes of authorizing registration;

"Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions in respect of MCash including any addendums, the terms of services, policies and procedures and all other documents which are expressly agreed to form part of the Terms and Conditions;

"Top-Up" means the transaction of depositing money in exchange for MCash through channels designated by MCSB;

"Username" means the personal identification code of the Customer which shall be used through the website www.MRuncit.com;

"Value Members" means the type of Customer defined by MRuncit whereby require to purchase credits to top-up their virtual wallet account (MCash) to make purchases that is comprised as a prepaid-deposit system;

3. Registration and Eligibility

3.1 By subscribing to the Service, you warrant that you are at least fifteen (15) years old, and in any event, have parental consent to enter into such a contract, where although you are above fifteen (15) years old, you remain under the legal age to enter into a contract.

3.2 The Customer must register and be a Member of MRuncit.

3.3 To register for and use MRuncit, the Customer must be a registered subscriber of any telecommunication provider in Malaysia and provide personal details (email address and phone number) for the purpose of registration is true or correct. Customer shall continue to be bound by the terms and conditions of MCSB.

3.4 In the event where Customer purposely put incorrect phone numbers, his/her MRuncit Account will be unable to access the site and Customer may create another new MRuncit account or login back and replace a valid and active phone number.

3.5 MRuncit Account shall be in force from the date the Customer's registration for MRuncit Account is approved and verified by MCSB, which will be signified by availability of MRuncit Account to the Customer. Approval of the Customer's application for MRuncit Account shall be at MCSB's absolute discretion and shall be in force unless terminated in accordance with the Agreement and or these Terms and Conditions.

3.6 The Username and Password shall be safeguarded and protected at all times. The access to any part of the MRuncit Account must be correct and complete and such access will be binding on you.

3.7 If the access to the MRuncit Account is made by any third party with or without your authorization using the Username and Password, MCSB shall consider that as proper accessed and the transaction conducted to be valid.

3.8 Customer is required to fulfill the following conditions prior to make payments:
i. to own his/her bank account online through Online Banking (FPX) to Top-Up MCash;
ii. to own his/her bank 3D-secure Credit Card account and make payment through Credit Card (iPay88);
iii. to own his/her Verified PayPal Account to make transactions through PayPal.

3.9 In the event that Customer wishes to cancel and delete the account after registration, MCSB will take an immediate action to do so. Any MCash balance (if any) shall be refunded through correspondence process with Customer.

4. Warranties and Responsibilities

4.1 The Customer hereby warrants the following that:
i. the information provided is true and correct;
ii. he/she is a registered subscriber of the MRuncit;
iii. he/she shall not breach any provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement.

4.2 The Customer further warrants to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, codes, rules, regulations, notices, instructions and/or directives of the relevant authorities or any notices, instructions, directives or guidelines given by MCSB in connection with MRuncit.

4.3 The Customer is prohibited from fraudulently registering an MRuncit Account. Anyone caught impersonating another Customer, whether an individual or another legal entity, will be responsible for any costs and/or losses incurred as a result of their fraudulent activity. Abusing MCash and/or MRuncit Account may result in immediate termination / suspension of account and report to the relevant authorities (including but not limited to the Bank, police, customs, Bank Negara Malaysia, etc).

4.4 MRuncit Account is created by username and password. In the event where Customer shares his/her credential with others or allow others to discover and use the MRuncit Account, Customer as the account holder are liable and responsible for transactions in this account.

4.5 The Customer shall be responsible to check and verify all transactions including, without limitation, the amount and recipient information for third-party Family and Friend Service. MCSB shall not entertain any request for reversal for wrongful entry as a result of Customer's negligence.

4.6 Abusing the MRuncit Account may result in immediate termination/suspension of his/her MRuncit Account. MCSB reserves the right, from time to time, to request from the Customer additional information in which case the Customer shall provide the information so required failing which the MRuncit Account may be barred by MCSB at its sole discretion.

4.7 The Customer shall immediately notify MCSB upon receipt of incomplete, garbled or inaccurate data or information or any data or information, which is not intended from MCSB or any doubtful information or message. The Customer shall delete such data or information from the Mobile Phone.

4.8 The Customer acknowledges that the Customer's name and MSISDN and such other personal information may be made available as identification to another Customer, Bank, Merchant, and/or Internet Payment Switching Gateway when a transaction is affected.

4.9 Customer agrees to indemnify and hold MCSB harmless for unauthorized transactions done through MRuncit. It is very important to contact MCSB immediately if you believe your account has been compromised or been used without your permission. Failed to report unauthorized transactions, Customer will be liable for any resulting damages and responsibility for the losses (if any).

4.10 MCSB, Merchants, and/or Internet Payment Switching Gateway shall not be liable for any losses suffered by the Customer's use of the MCash and/or MRuncit account (which would include, without limitation, the Customer's careless management of the MCash or MRuncit account; and disclosing Username and Password to others).

4.11 MCSB does not provide any hard-copy statement of account in respect of the MRuncit Account. The Customer shall be responsible for all his/her transactions and for keeping track of his/her MRuncit Account through his/her account history.

4.12 MCSB makes reasonable efforts to ensure that requests for payments involving bank accounts, credit cards and 3rd party payment gateway are processed promptly. MCSB make no representations or warranties regarding the amount of time needed to complete transactions because our Service is largely dependent upon many factors outside of our control.

4.13 Where prescribed Account and Transaction limits are applicable to specific purchases or other transactions by the Customer, have been notified to the Customer, the Customer shall not exceed the prescribed set limit unless prior written approval to exceed these limits are obtained by the Customer from MCSB.

4.14 Notwithstanding that a prescribed MRuncit Account and MCash Account limits may not be notified to the Customer, MCSB may from time to time at its sole discretion set such limits for its control purposes without informing the Customer.

5. Terms of use of the Services

5.1 MCash is made available by MCSB at its absolute discretion, for the following:
i. The payment for any purchase of products and services provided by MCSB in accordance with these Terms and Conditions,
ii. Other new Services as may be introduced by MCSB from time to time.

5.2 All funds in MCash is a non-interest bearing transaction account and NOT made by MCSB at its absolute discretion, for the following:
i. Withdraw Cash
ii. Cash-in or Cash-out
iii. Remittance
iv. Transferring points between Customer(s) MRuncit Account.
v. Pledged or used in any matter as form of security for any purposes whatsoever.

5.3 The use of MCash is subject to such other applicable terms, conditions, rules and regulations of Bank Negara Malaysia and/or any other regulatory or governmental authority. MCash can solely be used via online through MRuncit website www.mruncit.com and via mobile client through MRuncit Mobile App on Android.

5.4 MCash is not transferable or assignable to any third party without MRuncit's written permission and shall be used exclusively by MRuncit User.

5.5 Customer acknowledges that the Customer shall use MCash and/or MRuncit Account at its own risk.

5.6 Customer may make transaction on any product and/or deposit his/her MCash maximum three (3) times per day using channels authorized by MCSB up to MCash Account Limit of RM200.00 per transaction and should not exceed at any point of time.

5.7 Customer is eligible to receive amount of MRewards, for the following conditions:
i. Top-Up MCash based on the denominations
ii. Purchase products available solely at MRuncit site

5.8 Any payment made by Customers as a member in MRuncit's database, MCSB will record the beneficiary in its computer database and MCash will be debited and/or credited up to an amount equal to the payment received (subject to, as the case may be, the Services used by Customer).

5.9 MCSB shall not be liable for any costs, loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) or for loss of revenue, loss of profits or any consequential loss whatsoever as a result of Customer's use of abusing MCash as stated on Clause 5.2.

5.10 Customer shall agree that MCSB at its absolute discretion perform the following safety, security and operational reliabilities of MRuncit:
i. Blacklist Database - All blacklisted username, IP Address and emails by MRuncit are rejected when attempting through MRuncit. Blacklisted database are based on the following categories:
- Unverified PayPal Account
- Suspected several failed attempts through Credit Card (iPay88)

ii. Fraud Monitoring MRuncit has established Fraud Unit to identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders.
iii. 3-D Secure Compliance "Verified by Visa" (by Visa) and "MasterCard SecureCode" (by MasterCard) is new authentication which involve cardholders to authorize the online transaction by entering their security password or answer some security questions by the card issuer.
iv. Automated Blocking MRuncit performs a verification checking on PayPal Accounts that made transactions at MRuncit in 1x24 hour. User is required to fulfill the verification form, failed to respond will result in a permanent-blocked account on MRuncit and transaction will be refunded in immediate action. Otherwise, User may continue to shop after he/she get verified.

6. Fee and Charges

6.1 Customer shall be responsible for all fee and/or charges imposed by certain payment networks for using their channels to perform transactions.

6.2 If Customer is entitled to a refund on MCash Available Balance, Customer shall agree to accept the refund after deducting administration fee as specified by MCSB.

6.3 If Customer is entitled to a refund on payment made for product purchase, Customer shall agree to accept the refund directly onto Customer's Bank Account / Credit Card / PayPal Account with fee and/or charges imposed as specified by MCSB.
i. Fees and Charges imposed to top up MCash:
- Credit Card (iPay88): Nil
- Online Banking (FPX): Nil

ii. Refund MCash
- Refund Fee: RM2

7. Validity and Account Information

7.1Customer hereby warrants that all information pertaining to the identity and personal circumstances of the Customer are true and correct.

7.2MCSB shall request for identification to verify the information and reserves the right to request for further validation of information and to reject the request if the information cannot be validated or is found incorrect.

7.3MCSB offers two MRuncit account types: Value and Regular Members. Both members are free from any registration fee.

8. Refund, Return and Cancellation Policy

8.1 Please take note for items that are not returnable:
i. Airtime Reloads
ii. Internet Access Reloads
iii. IDD Reloads
iv. Online Games Reloads/Credits
All considered as Downloadable Digital Content.

8.2 Refund, Return and Cancellation are only applicable for MCash and Physical Products

8.3 The refund, return and cancellation of MCash are available in the following conditions:
i. Multiple payments: MCash deducted more than once (multiple times) for the same service
ii. Deactivated account: Customer's account is terminated due to certain reasons, and left some amounts in MCash balance.
iii. Customer's bank account debited, but MCash failed to be deposited
iv. MCash debited but product failed to be delivered

8.4 In the event when the following conditions are met:
i. Customer wishes to cancel or delete the account,
ii. Dispute/Chargeback case is in Customers favor, and Customer requests to refund the MCash balance, therefore Customer shall contact [email protected] and MRuncit will respond within 48 hours of receipt of Customer's email.

8.5 Customer further agrees that:
i. Should MRuncit terminate/suspend MRuncit Account, MRuncit shall not be obliged to refund or return any MCash in the form of real currency (MYR) until clearance is obtained from the relevant authorities (including but not limited to the banks, payment gateways, etc).
ii. If user initially paid for MCash deposit via credit card and dispute is in Customers favor, refund will be processed by the respective credit card bank issuer and may take up to 14 days according to iPay88 and bank procedures.
iii. If user initially paid for MCash deposit via online banking and dispute is in Customers favor, refund will be processed via IBG/TT/FPX/myclear/MEPS and may take 1-3 working days to clearing.
iv. If user initially paid for MCash deposit via PayPal and dispute is in Customers favor, the refunded amount will be deposited to Customers PayPal account in immediate time.

8.6 Requests for refund should include identifying information and must include items as specified by MCSB and shall be emailed to [email protected] or can be mailed to MRuncits Business address.

8.7 Conditions to qualify for 7-days Return and Exchange of Physical Products are as follows:
i. Products that considered as Physical Products (e.g mobile accessories)
ii. Allowed if there is defect in our products. Defects include holes, missing parts, faulty stitching and discoloration.
iii. Allowed for wrong merchandise size shipped.
iv. Not allowed for items under Promotions of which includes discounts, giveaways, free gifts or other special promotions
v. Only applicable for purchase/shipment within Malaysia. The policy is not applicable to international transactions
vi. When returning items you are strongly recommended to obtain printed invoice and also proof of posting like tracking number.
vii. All items to be returned must be done so within 7 days upon receipt .After this duration has expired, we will not accept the return of the item.
viii. MCSB will exchange for the same item that is still in stock. In the event that the item is out of stock, MCSB will allow it to be exchanged to another item of equal or higher value BUT TOP UP IS REQUIRED.
xi. Should your item happen to sell out before we are able to process the exchange we will automatically refund you in the original form of payment used.

8.8 Items need to be returned with their original packaging including all accessories, parts, not used and can be resold.

8.9 MCSB will only reimburse the normal postage to have the item sent back to us Reimburse will be made in the form of MRewards points to your MRuncit account. The MRewards points can be used to redeem products on Redemption Store.

8.10 Customer are strongly recommended to use a postal service that allows you to track your parcel to prevent from getting lost. MCSB will not be responsible for any damages or losses occurred during the delivery.

8.11 MRuncit reserves the right to exercise discretion in permitting all returns and exchanges. Items mailed back to MRuncit without prior confirmation with us will not be entertained.

9. Dispute Resolutions

9.1 Any disputes regarding MRuncit Account and/or MCash transactions and/or billing must be communicated in writing to MRuncits customer service within three (3) months from the date of such transaction(s) and Customer shall furnish with all necessary supporting documents as and when requested.

9.2 If MRuncit does not receive written notice within three (3) months, Customer are deemed to have agreed that bills and transactions are accurate and shall pay the amount as billed for using MCash. An administrative charge may be imposed for dispute raised by Customer.

9.3 Customer agree and consent to the disclosure and release by MRuncit of any information in the possession of MRuncit to you, the particulars of the transaction(s) or any designated account relating to the transaction(s) for the purpose of investigating any claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with the transaction(s) under MRuncit.

9.4 Customer may report any complaint or raise any issue through hotline (03-22421190) and drop email to [email protected] with the response time 2x24 hours.

9.5 Customers are required to provide Full name, phone number and Transaction ID when reported an issue.

9.6 Any dispute raised, Customer further agrees that should MRuncit terminate/suspend MRuncit Account, MRuncit shall not be obliged to refund or return any MCash in the form of real currency (MYR) until clearance is obtained from the relevant authorities. If any refund, shall be pursuant to Clause 8.

10. Representations and Warranties: Disclaimer

10.1 MRuncit is provided on an AS IS basis without any representations or warranties of any kind whether express or implied to the fullest extent permitted by law.

10.2 Although MCSB will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that MRuncit is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties, MCSB does not warrant the security or confidentiality of any information transmitted through the System or such other equivalent system in any jurisdiction via MRuncit.

10.3 It is expressly agreed and declared by all parties hereto that MCSB shall not be liable or responsible to the Customer and/or any other person(s) for any losses, damages, costs or expenses whatsoever suffered by such person(s) arising out of or in connection with the issue, use, withdrawal and/or termination of MCash resulting from or in consequence of any act or omission by MCSB except in the case of willful default by MCSB, for which such liability shall be limited to the amount of actual loss only.

10.4 MCSB shall not for any reason whatsoever be liable for damages suffered or loss by the Customer under any circumstances whatsoever whether or not such circumstances relate to or arise out of these Terms and Conditions including but not limited to non-acceptance for any reasons whatsoever of MRuncit by any Merchant, person or body, restriction or cancellation of the MRuncit Account, or under any other circumstances.

11. Termination / Suspension

11.1 MCSB reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and at any time, to immediately suspend/terminate the Customers use of MRuncit Account for any reason, including without limitation the following circumstances:
i. in the opinion of ISSB, the Customer had indulged in anything which is dishonest, fraudulent, illegal, misrepresentation and/or criminal in nature;
ii. the Customer is in breach of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or engages in any conduct prejudicial to MCSB,
iii. the Customer is in breach of any acts, statutes, laws, by-laws, rules and/or regulations imposed by any party, regulatory body or government agency;
iv. The Customer has submitted false documents or declares false information in relation to the application for MRuncit.

11.2 Upon any termination of your account, and your payment of all unpaid and outstanding Fees and your written request received by MCSB within ninety (90) days of such termination, MCSB may provide Customer with general notice by electronic email to Customer's e-mail address of record in accordance with the notice delivery provisions of this Section 11 within thirty (30) days.

12. Consequences of Suspension / Termination

12.1 Upon termination or cancellation of the MCash, the Available Balance shall be refunded upon request made by the Customer after deducting administration fee as specified by MCSB.

12.2 The Customer further agrees that should MCSB terminate/suspend MCash pursuant to Clause 11.1, MCSB shall not be obliged to refund or return any MCash in the MRuncit Account until clearance is obtained from the relevant authorities.

12.3 MCSB shall not be performing reconnection or reactivation of Customers MRuncit Account upon termination. In the event where Customer wishes to do so, Customer only enable to create another new MRuncit Account.

13. Amendment and Modification of Agreement

13.1 Unless expressly stated otherwise, in the event MCSB has amended or modified the Terms and Conditions or Agreement as well as regulations, procedures or fee rates in relation to MRuncit, MCSB shall update via its website.

13.2 The Customer hereby agrees that, he/she will comply with all instruction manuals and other documents in relation to MRuncit, whether current or subsequently issued by MCSB.